Youthful Events is a nonprofit organization that implements leadership development throughout the community. Youthful Events is dedicated to the community by connecting resources to promote leadership, self-awareness, health and fitness, community service, life skills, peer mentorship and educational development.



Youthful Events purpose is to serve at-risk, underserved and the low-income community. All programs are geared to serve at least 51% or more low-to-moderate income households by providing FREE services. All services will benefit youth from ages 6-24; to help enhance their character and learning ability to become productive youth in today’s society.

Youthful Events objective is to provide community events and evidence-based training that will develop Leaders of The Future.Youthful Events is dedicated to the provision of professional and quality service with an emphasis to accomplish its mission by:
  • Responding to the needs of positive community reinforcement.
  • To empower and serve the youth through leadership and educational development.
  • To further a commitment to excellence, quality, integrity, and continuous improvement in all areas of service to the community.
  • To establish a pool of resources and partnerships throughout the community to provide service training.
  • Promote the value of learning while increasing self-awareness, proper etiquette and self-esteem.
  • Develop important social and life skills.
  • Encourage youth independence.
  • Promoting health & fitness and community service.
  • Create events that support the organization mission and goals while serving the youth.