Youthful Events offer leadership development programs, workshops, and events for youth throughout the community. The problem of low-self-esteem, bullying, teen pregnancy, school drop-out rates, and risky behavior is pervasive among our youth in today's society.


Each project is designed to build character, self-esteem, leadership skills, self-confidence, learning ability, community involvement, academic success, career development, healthy life styles, social/communicaton skills, strength, and a better future for our youth.


Youthful Events will collaborate with artist and professionals to develop a meaningful platform throughout the community. Youthful Events offer a unique service by creating memories, helping youth reach their dreams, and  identify who or what they desire to be in life.

Leadership Development

Youthful Events

Youth of Power 

This leadership program is designed to build character, self-esteem, and leadership skills. Youth will embrace their inner strengths to develop a healthy self-image and to make positive life choices.




S.E.L.F Leadership



Changing the lives of youth through the power of sports. Events are designed to help our youth develop social skills while participating in extra-curricular activities.


Readers in Action

Readers in action focus on reading skills. The Book Club allows youth to pick age appropriate books to read. Youth will develop writing, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. The program preps our youth for grade school.




Community Leaders

Leading through community service, the youth participate in community events by giving back and dedicating their time and service to be a part of a safe environment.



The Heart of Art

It teaches youth to express art through paintings, knitting, beading, fashion, music and more.



Health & Fitness

This program focuses on the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Activities focus on keeping youth active with daily exercise, healthy tips, health screening and more.



Leaders-Of-The-Future (LOTF)

"LOTF" is a high school program designed for 11-12 grade students. The program helps youth acquire the skills and confidence to lead in the community. "LOTF" prepares the youth to be a part of a workforce team, managing job responsibilities, and allowing the experience of full-time work. The program helps aid the youth to adulthood. The program focuses on college preparation, job readiness, and leadership development.


Get Your Child Involved!
  • Leadership Training

  • Youth Camps

  • Summer Programs

  • Fundraisers

  • Community Service

  • Career Training

  • Money Management

  • College-Prep Workshops


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